25 Years of Honoring America’s Best

As Mutual of America celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Community Partnership Award, here are some of the honorees and milestones that have helped to build and shape the CPA into a prestigious competition honoring the nation’s outstanding nonprofit organizations.


The Community Partnership Award was the idea of many beautiful minds who believed that cross-sector partnerships transform the community…that collaborations, partnerships and alliances are the mark of great organizations. When leaders move beyond their own walls, find the right partner and collaborate, lives are changed, and healthy communities are built.

Frances Hesselbein, Chairman,
The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum;
Founding Member of the CPA Selection Committee;
and a Mutual of America Board member

The collaborative effort and practical approach of these public, private and social sector organizations are empowering others to replicate these programs, creating a better future for all.

Dr. LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr.,
founding member of the CPA Selection Committee (B. 1930 – D. 2019)

The Community Partnership Award is a crucial acknowledgment of the remarkable impact that can happen when passionate, caring and committed individuals come together for the greater good and help transform lives in the process.

Thomas J. Moran,
Mutual of America Chairman Emeritus (B. 1952 – D. 2018)

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