Past Winners: What They’re Saying

Mutual of America is proud to have recognized 245 organizations as Community Partnership Award winners over the past 25 years.

Honoring past and present winners and their dedicated work goes hand in hand with acknowledging the positive impact and vital contributions that each program has made to society. We are pleased to know that the Community Partnership Award and documentary videos of their program produced by Mutual of America served as valuable tools in their respective missions to help, educate and provide models of coordinated action for others to emulate.

1999: Al Sigl Center Partnership

We were quietly and conscientiously going about our work when Mutual of America told us we were doing something of national significance that they wanted to showcase. That recognition changed our worldview. The award got us thinking: Are we capable of doing more?

Daniel Meyers, President,
Al Sigl Center for Rehabilitation

2001: Zone-Based Advocacy

The Community Partnership Award helped us highlight the importance of protecting victims of domestic violence and prosecuting perpetrators. The video is still widely used to help people both within and outside the community understand the way the partnership works and the importance of domestic violence as a social and legal issue.

Shirl Q. Regan,
Executive Director,
Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

2003: An Achievable Dream

When we won the Community Partnership Award in 2003, we had no idea how great an impact it would have on our entire community. Suddenly, we had received a national award for the work we were doing. … It affirmed that An Achievable Dream was not only important to the children of Newport News, but could serve as a model for schools and communities all over the country.

Walter Segaloff,
Founder, An Achievable Dream, Inc.

2019: Survivor Advocate Program

Cast has been leading the charge to end human trafficking through cutting-edge partnerships that identify and empower survivors in new sectors. It is truly an honor to be recognized [with the Mutual of America Community Partnership Award] for our commitment to survivors and innovative teamwork.

Kay Buck,
CEO, Cast

2012: Operation Rebound

The Community Partnership Award … helped put a spotlight on the therapeutic value of adaptive sports and brought our message to the national stage. Today, we are helping more of our nation’s injured service members and first responders to see that the courage, drive and determination that led them to proudly serve our country are also the traits that will help them excel in sports and in life.

Nico Marcolongo,
Operation Rebound Program Manager,
Challenged Athletes Foundation

2011: College Possible

The 2011 Community Partnership Award came at a critical juncture for College Possible. The award helped elevate our national visibility. This, along with the stunning video that Mutual of America produced for us, has helped position us for transformational growth so that every low-income student in America can one day achieve avastly different life because they attended college.

Jim McCorkell,
Chief Executive Officer and Founder,
College Possible

2010: Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO)

The Community Partnership Award and the video Mutual of America produced on our behalf continue to build awareness. … I presented at the White House’s Summit on Reentry Services, where I shared the GOSO model so that other organizations can help justice-involved young men change the trajectory of their lives.”

Mark Goldsmith,
CEO and President,

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